Barbra Streisand Supports Prop 63, Requests $5 Donations to Defeat NRA

Barbra Streisand and Barack Obama (Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty)
Nicholas Kamm / AFP / Getty

Singer Barbra Streisand has sent an email in support of California Lt. Gov. Gavin Newsom’s Proposition 63, requesting $5 donations “to defeat the National Rifle Association” (NRA).

Streisand pointed to the 1993 Long Island Railroad shooting to explain her support for more gun control.

According to the Sacramento Bee, Streisand’s email said, “Like you, California is my home, and I can’t just wait around hoping tragedy doesn’t strike our state again. If there’s something we can do that will stop innocent Californians from being shot and killed, I will do everything I can to see it done.”

Streisand did not explain how Prop 63’s ammunition background checks and statewide “high-capacity” magazine ban will stop even one crime, much less a high-profile attack like the one carried out in Santa Barbara on May 23, 2014.

In that attack, gunman Elliot Rodger used only ten-round magazines to shoot and kill three people after first stabbing three to death.

Nevertheless, Streisand used the email to request donations on behalf of of Prop 63. She asked gun control supporters to give “$5 or more right now to defeat the NRA and save lives from gun violence.”

Richard Grenell, chair of the Coalition for Civil Liberties, responded to Streisand’s email by observing that she is supporting more gun control for law-abiding citizens at a time when the gay community is seeking ways to arm up for self-defense. Grenell said:

The Orlando attack on a gay bar moved gays and lesbians to realize we must be allowed to defend ourselves when confronted by an ISIS-inspired terrorist or a criminal willing to ignore laws in order to kill innocent people. Prop 63 must be defeated in order to further protect the rights of gays and lesbians.

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