Owner: Donald Trump No Longer Welcome at L.A. Shopping Mall The Grove

The Grove

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump is no longer welcome at Los Angeles premiere shopping mall The Grove, billionaire real estate mogul and Grove developer Rick Caruso said Monday.

“I would actually be happy to do that,” Caruso told a TMZ reporter when asked whether he’d considered banning Trump from the property over comments the candidate has made about women. “That would probably be a good thing to do.”

“I think if you want to be in public office, you’ve got to be be compassionate, you’ve got to be a gentleman, you’ve got to be professional, you’ve got to care about people; I just don’t see him being any of that,” the developer told TMZ. “I think he’s actually a pretty angry human being.”

Caruso, one of California’s wealthiest Republicans, has long been a critic of Trump’s presidential campaign.

In April, the developer signed on to help Ohio Gov. John Kasich’s campaign, predicting to the Hollywood Reporter that Trump would not make it to the Republican National Convention with the “magic number” of delegates necessary to secure the GOP nomination.

“People that I’ve spoken to in the entertainment industry are fearful of Trump. They’re fearful of Cruz, too. They are way too far to the right,” Caruso told THR back in April. “And I think they are very excited about Kasich. Republicans clearly have a choice to support someone who is fiscally responsible and, at the same time, is moderate and balanced about how people run their personal lives.”

Trump is not the only public figure to be publicly banned from the popular outdoor shopping mall; in March, Caruso banned Manny Pacquiao from the premises after the championship boxer appeared to compare gay people to animals in an interview.

In his latest interview with TMZ, Caruso said he would be open to rescinding Pacquiao’s ban after the boxer apologized for the comments earlier this year.

“Forgiveness is important, so sure,” Caruso said when asked whether he’d reconsider the boxer’s ban.


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