Progressive Billionaire Tom Steyer Protests Outside Darrell Issa’s Office for Trump’s Impeachment

Tom Steyer (Jeff Chiu / Associated Press)
Jeff Chiu / Associated Press

Left-wing California billionaire Tom Steyer stood outside Rep. Darrel Issa’s (R-CA) San Diego office on Tuesday to further his calls for President Donald Trump’s impeachment.

Steyer also expressed his opposition to Issa’s support for the Trump’s efforts to repeal Obamacare and pass the Republican tax reform plan.

Steyer reportedly joined several of the congressman’s frequent protesters.

“We’re down here to say what he is voting for, advocating for, hurt his constituents,” Steyer, who supported Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama said, according to KPBS. “He is absolutely siding with the red state Republican rich people against the working people of California. It’s outrageous really.”

Pro-Issa protesters were reportedly present, too, holding up signs opposing Gov. Jerry Brown’s recently-passed gas tax law, the largest gas tax increase in state history.

Issa was reportedly in Washington D.C. during Steyer’s visit to his office.

“What I know is, this president is a danger to the American people and I know the majority of Americans agree with me,” Steyer claimed. “I know that all those people in Washington D.C., whether they’re Republicans or Democrats, know he’s unfit for office.”

Last week, Steyer spent $10 million to air a nationwide TV ad, including during the World Series, calling for President Trump’s impeachment and asking viewers to sign his online petition, which garnered over 1 million signatures in its first week.

Trump responded by saying Steyer was “wacky & totally unhinged” and pointing out that he “never wins elections,” referring to his backing for Clinton and his failed efforts to help Democrats in the 2014 midterm elections.

Steyer spent $87 million on the 2016 elections. He is reportedly weighing running against Sen. Dianne Feinstein (D-CA). He has also floated the idea of running for governor in 2018.

On Tuesday, the Los Angeles Times reported that Rep. Brad Sherman (D-CA) “drafted and circulated articles of impeachment against Trump this summer, but most members of Congress — even Democratic leaders — have been reluctant to press for impeachment and Sherman’s efforts haven’t gained traction.”

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