Gavin Newsom: No Evidence of ‘Big Blue Wave’

Gavin Newsom Nancy Pelosi AP

California Lieutenant Governor Gavin Newsom is worried that Democrats may be taking the so-called “big blue wave” in November for granted.

In fact, the California gubernatorial frontrunner reportedly said on Tuesday that he does not see any evidence of a monster November blue wave, even in the bluest of blue states.

When reporters asked him about the potential for a “big blue wave” in November, Newsom, according to Politico, replied: “I don’t see evidence of that. … In California, we kind of feel like we’ve got this. It’s a big blue state and in some respects, I think we kind of take things for granted at times.”

Democrats are looking to pick up key House seats in the Golden State to take back the House, but the party has become increasingly concerned that Democrats may not even get a candidate on the November ballot in three key Orange County Congressional Districts (39th, 48th, 49th) because of California’s top-two “jungle primary” system.

Left-wing groups have reportedly spent millions in the last weeks in Orange County to try to prevent what could be a “catastrophe” for Democrats.

Though Democrats may have some momentum in some local races, the party’s huge lead on the generic ballot has all but disappeared in recent months. A CNN poll this month found that Democrats only had a three-point advantage on the generic ballot. And for one week in May (the week ending May 20), Republicans actually had a six-point advantage over Democrats on the generic ballot in Reuters’ tracking poll.


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