Whistleblower Accuses California Lottery of Lewd Behavior

California Lottery (Joel Pollak / Breitbart News)
Joel Pollak / Breitbart News

An anonymous whistleblower has sent a package to Governor Jerry Brown containing pictures allegedly showing senior California Lottery leaders behaving in a lewd manner, including one man placing his head up a woman’s shirt, at a Southern California piano bar. It is the second such missive in two years.

The anonymous source has reportedly claimed to be a California State Lottery employee, and is demanding an investigation.

“The contents of the letter are troubling,” Ali Bay, a spokeswoman for Brown, told the Sacramento Bee. On Thursday, Brown’s office reportedly said the governor will ask the attorney general’s office to look into the three-page letter and the attached photos, copies of which the Sacramento Bee has acquired.

“These types of unprofessional shenanigans have become a regular practice of this management team when they travel to meetings,” the letter addressed to Brown’s office reportedly reads. The letter says the photos attached to it are a “gross violation” of the California Government Code of Conduct.

One of the photos included in the package allegedly shows Lottery Director Hugo Lopez at a piano bar in Claremont in 2016, and another allegedly shows a senior Lottery employee with his head up a woman’s shirt that same evening.

Donna Sullivan, a former Lottery employee, told San Francisco’s KGO-TV that she left the California Lottery after 35 years after a “boys club” developed among the Lottery’s leadership.

“The climate got very bad,” Sullivan told KGO-TV. “I think it would be better if the boys club was disbanded and the lottery would go back to doing business of the lottery — giving money to education.”

Sales of California Lottery tickets have reportedly reached $7 billion, up from $5.5 billion in 2015.

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