Watch—Black Friday: Two Women Wrestle Over Cookware at Georgia Walmart

Caters Clips / YouTube

Footage of two women wrestling over cookware during a Black Friday sale at a Walmart in Rockmart, Georgia, is making the rounds on social media.

The video, shared to Facebook on Thursday, shows a woman on the ground tightly gripping a green box with pots and pans inside while a second woman attempts to snatch the box from her hands. The woman holding the box manages to fight off the would-be snatcher and holding onto the kitchenware.

“First fight of the night,” Kaitlin Bires wrote in the video’s description. “[P]ioneer women pots and pans are no joke.”

Bizarrely, as the aggressive pair square off over the cookware, numerous boxes of the same pots and pans can be spotted behind them.

Some viewers expressed dismay over the lack of civility between the two women.

“People are disgusting,” one Facebook user wrote.

“Ever[y] last one of them are idiots,” said another.


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