Boy Sells Lemonade to Raise Money to Take Widowed Mom on Date

A little boy in Denver, Colorado, who lost his father to cancer this month, started a lemonade stand to raise money for a date with his mom.

“My dad and I came up with the idea of a lemonade stand to take my mom on a date because I didn’t have enough money and I wanted to pay, so I did it,” six-year-old Brady Campbell said.

He opened the lemonade stand the day after his father, Brandon Campbell, died from colon cancer. He was 37-years-old.

Brady’s lemonade stand drew more than 75 of his friends and neighbors, including the Denver Police Department and other first responders.

He reportedly raised $244 on the first day of opening his business.

Brady’s mother, Amanda Campbell, said it made her happy to see everyone offering support to their family during such a difficult time.

She commented:

It was amazing. You could just feel the warmth and energy and such a positive thing in such a tragic time for us. It really lifted our spirits and really made Brady so happy. Brandon was a savvy businessman and wanted to teach Brady all those lessons, and I could just [see] it happening. It made my heart really happy.

One of the family’s neighbors decided to help by setting up a GoFundMe page to raise funds for cancer research. A small portion of the funds will go toward Brady’s date with his mother.

So far, the fundraising page has raised $14,066 of its $25,000 goal.

Brady’s mother said she hopes her son’s efforts will raise awareness and help others who are battling cancer.

“Through that, we can get advocacy out, the word for colon cancer, especially young-onset colon cancer. We are happy through all this, we have brought some awareness. I feel like it gives some purpose to such a tragedy,” she commented.


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