Rescue Dog Goes Viral Thanks to Ability to ‘Scream’

Mo the Screaming Staffy
Facebook/Mo the Screaming Staffy

A rescue dog has become a “breed ambassador” for his kind based on his unique ability to scream, and he’s going viral on Instagram for it.

The American Staffordshire Terrier called “Mo the Screaming Staffy” has already gained more than 111,000 followers on Instagram, and his virality is going towards a good cause.

It all started when Mo was a stray wandering the streets of Phoenix on a Saturday night just over two years ago.

“I found Mo on a Saturday around 10:30 at night,” said Kristin Allen, Mo’s owner.

“When I stopped the car and got out, I was able to confirm that he was all alone. Called out to him, and he calmly walked towards me, wagging his tail the whole time,” Allen told Fox 10 Phoenix.

Mo spent 72 hours at Maricopa County’s Animal Care and Control, so his previous owners had time to claim him before Allen took him in.

It was then that Allen noticed Mo had a unique ability to “shriek” unlike most American Staffordshire Terriers.

“He looked across the room through a glass window they had, he saw a dog on the other side, and that’s when he screamed for the first time,” said Allen.

It was that scream that would earn him the nickname “Mo the Screaming Staffy.”

Mo’s story as a rescue dog propelled him into social media stardom after a popular website featured a story on his background. Soon, his like count on Instagram rose from a few hundred to more than 100,000.

Allen and Mo have used Mo’s Insta-fame to help statewide and local rescue groups.

“What’s especially fun about Mo being an influencer is being able to connect with so many other people who are doing similar things on social, and spreading the positive word about pitbull-type dogs and shelter dogs in general,” said Allen.

“I’ve had people either laugh hysterically, be extremely startled and then, maybe laugh a little bit, and some people that are just bewildered,” she added.


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