‘Layaway Angel’ Pays Off Young Mom’s Walmart Bill

A mystery woman recently made the Christmas season a little easier for a single mother of three in Warrington, Pennsylvania.

Jennifer Mellon said she was standing in line at Walmart to pay her layaway bill Friday when she began talking to a stranger in line behind her. However, the young mom was shocked when the lady insisted on paying for the items herself.

“She wanted to make our Christmas merrier,” Mellon told ABC 6.

This year has been hard on the single mom who has been out of work on disability. The last payment she made on the layaway bill for her kid’s Christmas gifts was in August.

Thanks to the secret Santa, Mellon is now helping others in any way she can.

“Yesterday I was in the drive-thru at Dunkin’ Donuts, and I bought the man behind me his coffee,” she commented.

A similar instance occurred this week in Treasure Valley, Idaho, when a secret Santa paid off all the layaway bills at a Walmart in the area, according to KTVB.

“It’s not about me, it’s about what I do,” said the man, who has been spreading Christmas cheer that way for more than a decade. “It’s giving and hopefully this’ll inspire other people to give as well.”

The same thing happened in December 2018 when an anonymous person walked into a Long Island, New York, Walmart and paid for every item in the layaway department, according to Breitbart News.

Friday, Mellon said once the woman took care of the bill, she handed her $100 in cash.

“It was just so much at once, you know. You hear about these things. It was amazing,” the young mom recalled.

Now, Mellon hopes to find and thank the Christmas angel whose generosity put the joy back into her family’s holiday season this year.

“It is a Christmas miracle, it truly is, especially to my family,” she concluded.


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