Cats in Foster Home Reunited After 7 Months Apart

Dwight and Conan
Megan Marsh

Two cats in a foster home at the same time were reunited after spending seven months apart when someone decided to adopt both cats instead of one.

Megan Marsh, who would eventually own both cats, had her heart set on Dwight at her local animal shelter in Kennebunk, Maine, and thought he would be a good fit for adoption.

“Dwight is the sweetest cat I’ve ever encountered,” Marsh, Dwight’s mom, told the Dodo. “I had never had a cat prior to him and was worried that I’d get a cat that was aloof and just did their own thing— Dwight is NOT that cat! Right from the very first day he loved belly rubs, kisses and cuddles.”

While Dwight was in foster care, he met a fellow foster cat named Conan. They spent more than a year doing everything together before Dwight was shipped off to the shelter in Maine. Seven months later, Conan was sent to that same shelter.

Marsh was hesitant at first when she found out the news, but decided to go through with the decision.


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