Rare Tornado Warning Issued for NYC and Surrounding Areas Overnight

A rare tornado warning was issued Sunday for New York City and surrounding areas as high winds and rain swept through the northeast.

“The National Weather Service issued the warning at 8:40 p.m. ET, telling residents to immediately go indoors, seek shelter and stay away from windows,” NBC News reported.

Meteorologist Andrew Kozak shared video footage of the severe conditions in Manhattan, writing, “I’ve never seen weather like this in the city, ever”:

The warning was issued after meteorologists said there was an indication of rotation in the clouds west of New York City near Fort Lee, New Jersey, that could have developed into a tornado.

“Tornado warnings are pretty rare for New York City historically, especially in November,” said NBC News meteorologist Brittany Borer.

“Looking back at the last 10 years, we have averaged about one tornado warning for the entire year in and around New York City. And in 2020, we have had two tornado warnings in Manhattan,” she continued.

Wind gusts that reached 75 miles per hour were reported in Greenwich, Connecticut, and winds from 60 to 65 miles per hour reported throughout New Jersey, according to NBC 4.

“The quick-passing storm also caused delays to several train lines after it brought down powerlines and toppled trees. Nearly 40,000 homes and businesses were without power as of Monday morning,” the article said.

However, the outlet’s storm team tweeted an update Monday, writing, “No tornadoes confirmed in the tri-state from Sunday night’s storms. Straight-line winds of 60-80 mph appear responsible for the damage”:

Though all tornado warnings had ended by 10 p.m., tri-state utilities reported that an estimated 101,000 customers were without power.

“With the storms gone, nicer weather conditions will aid in the cleanup of the damage left behind. According to Storm Team 4, Monday will still be breezy and cool but it should stay dry with a lot of sunshine,” the outlet concluded.


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