Hurricane Michael Death Toll at 18 and Climbing

The number of dead now stands at 18 as the aftermath of Hurricane Michael is assessed. But authorities warn that there will likely be more bodies discovered as rescue workers dig through the rubble left by the storm.

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Severe Weather Creates Havoc Across Germany

BERLIN (AP) — Thunderstorms have created havoc across Germany leading to the derailment of a train with seven people injured, flight cancellations at Hamburg’s airport and a mudslide on a highway in the eastern part of the country.

BERLIN (AP) — Thunderstorms have created havoc across Germany leading …

The Snow Situation in Washington D.C.

How badly has Washington D.C. been hit by the current snowstorm? According to the Washington Post’s Robert Thompson, reporting on Monday:

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Washington D.C. Officials Unprepared for Snow

Washington, D.C. has proven once again that its city government is inept, as evidenced by the massive failure of preparedness dealing with the snow that covered the city on Wednesday.

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**LIVE UPDATES** Massive Winter Storm Hits East Coast

The first major storm of 2016 hit the East Coast on Friday and Washington DC is at the center of the storm’s path. The deadly storm has shut down government services and could bury residents in over two feet of snow.

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