‘Fright Fest’ to Fight Fest: Chaos at Six Flags America

Chaos broke out at Six Flags America located in Prince George’s County, Maryland, on Saturday, causing the park’s annual Fright Fest to end before closing time.

Video clips shared online reportedly showed young people assaulting each other in numerous brawls, according to Fox 5 Washington DC.

The outlet shared clips of people jumping on cars, breaking vehicle windows, and two individuals apparently hitting each other.

The outlet continued:

Prince George’s County police said Sunday that no arrests were made. Videos show officers on scene trying to intervene in the brawls. FOX 5 spoke to several young people who witnessed what happened. They said many of the people fighting were 14 and 15 years old. They said they did not know what prompted the violence.

Meanwhile, a woman from out of town said she was not sure what was going on when the park told her and other parkgoers to leave.

“Because we weren’t being told what was happening when we asked security, we had no idea why we were being told to leave the park,” the woman, asked to be identified as Jenny, explained. “That created a lot of ‘what if’ scenarios in my head. We immediately got in the car and tried to get far from the property out of fear of what it could be.”

According to NBC Washington, Six Flags said managers chose to close the park early due to “the improper behavior of some guests.”

“The safety of our guests and team members is always our top priority. After observing the improper behavior of some guests, the park was closed approximately an hour early out of an abundance of caution,” a spokesman told the outlet.

The event was the first night of the Fright Fest inside the park, the article noted.

Authorities told Fox 5 vandalism reports were filed with the park regarding the damaged vehicles.


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