WATCH – Boulder Smashes into Hawaii House, Narrowly Missing Resident: ‘All I Heard Was the Boom’

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A five-foot boulder crashed into a Hawaii house and narrowly missed a woman inside the residence who was standing nearby.

The clip from a surveillance camera shows the boulder break through a wall, shaking the house, NBC News reported Tuesday.

A loud boom is heard the second it passed by the woman who was hunched over with fright. She quickly turned around to get away.

“You okay?” someone out of view asks her:

No one was hurt, but the home, located in Palolo Valley, did suffer extensive damage. Now, the family, who moved in earlier this month, are looking for answers as to what caused the incident.

Caroline Sasaki was walking toward the living room when it happened. She told Hawaii News Now she heard the loud boom and, “Apparently the boulder passed right in front of me, which I didn’t know, I didn’t see it. All I heard was the boom, and then somebody asking me if I was okay.”

The family reportedly believes the home development project nearby may have something to do with what happened, according to NewsNation.

“We lived in the same location. We just knocked down the old house and rebuilt, and it’s never happened before. Heavy rain, hurricane warnings, nothing. So, no rocks ever came down,” Sasaki explained during a recent interview.

“We’ve had some issues with them carving the mountain, and I don’t know if that is a cause,” she added.

A still image shows the moment of impact:

Per the NBC report, the family is waiting on insurance adjusters to assess the damaged home. On Monday, the boulder was still sitting where it came to rest inside their house.

Although it was still not known exactly what caused the boulder to roll down the nearby hill, the area experienced heavy rains a few days beforehand.


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