Indiana Hardware Store Rooftop Is 10,000-Square-Foot Mural of American Flag

American flag
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It took 14 days for Adam Long to paint an American flag across the roof of a hardware store in Nashville, Indiana.

The over 10,000-square-foot mural can be seen from several places in the city, Fox News reported. Five years ago the owner of Bear Hardware commissioned Long to paint the mural, but it was Long’s idea to make it the size it is today.

“I got to the top of the roof, and I thought ‘You know, what if we took this opportunity to do something bigger?’ Long told Fox News. “What if he did something that went national?”

In addition to painting the American flag, the artist painted an eagle swooping across the flag and a bear in the corner — paying tribute to the owner’s brother Barry, nicknamed Bear, who lost his life in 1991 during a home burglary.

“I just wanted to do something that would be seen and would give a lot of pride in Nashville, Indiana,” Long told Fox News. “It was a daunting task, a little bigger than I thought it would be, but we knocked it out.”

Long’s artistry gives viewers the impression that the flag is blowing in the wind. He told Fox News he started painting the same year he created the mural.

“People recognize the amount of work here, which is always gratifying,” he told Fox News. “But definitely hearing things from across the country now in appreciation.”

The 43-year-old artist has painted more than 84 murals, according to Bloom Magazine.

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