Two Sisters in Their 90s Reunite Possibly for the Last Time

Two Sisters in Their 90s Reunite One Last Time

A 94-year-old woman from New Hampshire recently traveled to Nevada to visit her 90-year-old sister, perhaps for the last time.

Barbara Carolan had not seen her younger sister Shirley since 2020. With the help of her granddaughter Stephanie Shively, Carolan made the trip to see her sister, WMUR reported.

“She said, ‘I really think this will be the last time I see my sister,'” Shively said.


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On the last night of their visit, Shively recorded the conversation the sisters had before heading to bed.

“If we don’t see each other on this earth, we’ll see you in heaven,” Shirley said.

“You betcha, you betcha,” Barbara said in reply.

Shively posted the video to TikTok, which has garnered almost 13 million views.


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“They waited so long to see each other and if you don’t know if you’re going to see someone again you know, especially siblings, it must be really hard,” Shively said.

According to Shively, seeing her grandmother’s reunion with her sister made her aware of how precious life is and how little time we really have.

“What if this was your last time to see your loved one?” Shivey told the news outlet. “Are you telling them the things that you want to tell them or you’re saying the things that you want to say? Because if you’re not, you may not get a chance again.”


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