VIDEO: London Tunnel Blockaded by ISIS Flag-Waving Jihadi Protesters

VIDEO: London Tunnel Blockaded by ISIS Flag-Waving Jihadi Protesters

A group of activists have been captured on camera waving Palestinian and ISIS flags while blocking one of the largest tunnels in the UK. The protesters chanted “Free Palestine” and honked their car horns as they blocked the Blackwall Tunnel.

The move will seem like an odd gesture coming at a time when the Israeli Defence Force says it will not reduce pressure on Hamas until they agree to close the network of terror tunnels they have built.

The Blackwall Tunnel connects the Muslim-dominated borough of Tower Hamlets in East London, with Greenwich south of the River Thames. It was closed by a number of cars when activists got out of their vehicles and began chanting “free, free, Palestine”. Some of them also appeared to have spray painted their cars, while others waved the jihadist ISIS flag.

The protest is one of a series of dubious events staged to support Gaza, that seem to do nothing other than bolster the egos of those involved. It comes after Breitbart London reported on the ‘crass’ super-car protest, in which members of the super-rich drove their Lamborghinis past Harrods to show their “support” for Palestine.

That protest led to questions about why the vehicle owners were not doing anything to help the humanitarian effort by selling their cars and donating money for schools or hospitals in Gaza.

The video of the tunnel protest originally appeared on the internet a few days ago with the following comment: “Loads of people got out there car [sic] and started shouting free Palestine holding up traffic. 

“These people have no regard for anyone wanting to get to work or even emergency services trying to treat someone or arrest someone.” It was later posted on YouTube. 

Whilst the protest itself might seem laughable, it does show a worrying trend. Pro-Palestinian groups have displayed a remarkable ability to outnumber and out campaign those supportive of Israel.

The protests in London against Operation Protective Edge have numbered tens of thousands, whereas the pro-Israelis only numbered around 1,500 at their protest. To make matters worse, the pro-Palestinians are willing to get violent to make their point, with one man injured at the last Zionist rally.

Pro-Palestinian groups claim they are not anti-Semitic and do not support Hamas itself. But at their most recent protest, our correspondents were able to record protesters openly chanting for Hamas.