Let The #MillionMaskMarch Be A Living Monument To The Left's Failure

Let The #MillionMaskMarch Be A Living Monument To The Left's Failure

Last night around a thousand masked anarchists tried their very best to take over Central London and start a revolution. They’d bought their V for Vendetta masks in advance from the local toy shop, and got ready to do battle with the police, for a few hours, until last orders at the pub.

They must have jumped for joy when they realised Russell “Parklife” Brand was going to come. I’m told he’d swallowed a thesaurus specially for them, and planned to vomit it all over Trafalgar Square. The anti-Western TV Station Russia Today had been given a bag full of roubles from Vladimir Putin to make the whole thing sound like a real revolution. Everything was ready.

What happened next was a bit of running around with masks, a fair bit of weed smoking and the odd altercation with the Police. Beyond that it was all pretty dull, an average leftie stink convention, but very little more.

How far has the left fallen? There was a time when people honestly believed Socialism would rule the world. But last night was just yet more evidence that time had long passed. Where the Soviet Union once threatened all that’s left is a few toothless simpletons wearing Hollywood-inspired masks. 

The problem for today’s unwashed leftist is socialist economics have been proved wrong, socialist regimes proved to be evil and socialist leaders proved to be as financially greedy as they were murderous. So let’s not be too critical when all they have left is a few chants and a mask.

In the 1980s Thatcher and Reagan took on the left, and they won. Even modern left-wing leaders like Obama and Miliband are a pale imitation of the full blooded lefties of the past. They can chant “one solution, revolution” but in truth everyone knows that Marx is dead and the market is immortal. 

That is why Anonymous and their chums have no real ideology just a few random moans and gripes. If there are problems in this world then they know, and we know, they are not the ones with the solution. They’re just a rag tag of moaners, waiting for the day they get their art diploma from college and leave to begin their careers flipping burgers at McDonalds.

Last night wasn’t so much V for Vendetta as F for Fail. They are the proof of how far the left have fallen. So I plead with the ordinary people of this country: do not deride their efforts, or try to stop them. We should invite them back to Parliament every 5th November, they are a living monument to Thatcher’s victory over the left. 

We should post their pictures everywhere we can, and honour their protest. After all, 5th November was originally about a failed attempt to destroy this country, why not update it to reflect more recent battles?