Muslim Hate Preachers Infiltrating British Universities

Muslim Hate Preachers Infiltrating British Universities

A leaked report has highlighted the alarming activities of Islamic extremism in British Universities. The document, due to be published later this week, claims to have found proof of Jihadist speakers hosted by universities in 2014 along with cases of anti-Semitism and gender segregation.

Sharia Watch UK, the authors of ‘Learning Jihad’ say hard-line groups have posted invitations on social media sites and at university campuses to public talks in an “unprecedented scale”.

The group, which monitors Islamic Extremism, reports that 15 people who, according to them, hold “extremist views” were allowed to give public talks or lectures at 20 institutions.

These include London’s School of Oriental and African Studies (SOAS), part of the world-famous University of London, and the Universities of Dundee, Cardiff and Surrey. One of the speakers named is Abdur Raheem Green, a British Muslim convert who was on the Australian Government’s “movement alert list” for reportedly saying: “Muslims and westerners cannot live peaceably together and that dying while fighting jihad is one of the surest ways to paradise and Allah’s good pleasure.”

In October 2011, Green was banned from giving a scheduled lecture at Concordia University in Canada after concerns were raised over statements that he allegedly made about how men may treat their wives.

A Youtube clip shows him saying, “The husband is allowed, to prevent her from evil, to provide some type of physical force.”

Green chairs the Islamic Education and Research Academy (iERA) which is being investigated by the Charity Commission “amid allegations that its leaders promote anti-Semitism and have called for homosexuals and female adulterers to be stoned to death.” The Telegraph reported that Green “has been caught on camera preaching at Hyde Park Corner, calling for a Jewish man to be removed from his sight. ‘Why don’t you take the Yahoudi [Jew] over there, far away so his stench doesn’t disturb us?’ he can be heard to say.”

Sharia Watch claim that even though the iERA is being investigated over regulatory issues over its “policies for organising events and inviting external speakers”, leading members of the group have given talks at universities, a school and a south London scout group.

The Daily Mail reports that he was booked to address an Islamic event at Acklam Grange Secondary School in Middlesbrough. Students from across the North East were also invited to attend.

An iERA spokesman told the Sunday Telegraph the group had no plans to infiltrate universities. 

“We are an educational academy and run open debates and educational talks and campaigns around the UK and overseas” he said. They also denied accusations of anti-Semitism and sexism and violence against women.

Also named is Hamza Tzortzis who, the report states, has claimed that anyone fighting against the Muslim community “should be killed” and that the punishment should be “beheading”.

According to Student Rights, figures show that there were 233 events of ‘concern’ posted on social media, the report says.

The Home Secretary has announced a new measure called ‘The Extremist Disruption Order’ which will ban preachers of hate from public speaking or using social media to spread their jihadi messages.

The restrictions placed on the hate preachers will be backed by criminal punishments and a possible jail term. They could include a ban on speaking at public events.

Authorities would have to clear any posts on social media and they could be banned from attending specific events and have controls placed on who they associate with.