Poll: Ed Miliband Has Worst Ever Rating for Any Party Leader

Poll: Ed Miliband Has Worst Ever Rating for Any Party Leader

Ed Miliband has the worst rating of any major party leader ever, with just 13 percent of voters saying they would be happy to see him become Prime Minister. The IPSOS Mori poll for the Evening Standard also shows the Conservatives now have a lead over Labour of 3 percent, the biggest margin since 2010.

He has an approval rating of -44, which is calculated by take the number of people happy with his leadership and subtracting those who are not. His rating compares to -15 for David Cameron, -36 for Nick Clegg and -6 for Nigel Farage.

This means that Ed Miliband is now more unpopular than John Major was prior to his disastrous general election defeat in 1997. He is also less popular than Michael Foot was ahead of the 1983 general election.

There have been mutterings against Miliband recently and some backbench Labour MPs have privately admitted they would like to replace him. Last week one claimed that if Alan Johnson wanted the job as leader Miliband would be “gone by the weekend”.

The full results for each party are Conservatives 32 (+2); Labour 29 (-4); Liberal Democrat 9 (+1); UKIP 14 (-2). Despite the Conservatives being ahead, the totals for each party make it unlikely that any of them will win an overall majority.