Labour Sends Voters Spoof UKIP ‘Healthcare Bill’

Labour Leafet

Labour have posted voters a spoof bill for their healthcare under UKIP. The leaflet was posted on Facebook by local UKIP MEP Bill Etheridge and features a series of prices for treatments that run into thousands of pounds. It claims the party want a “American-style” healthcare system.

Bill Etheridge MEP

Etheridge expressed his “comtempt” and “disgust” at Labour for their leaflet

Mr Etheridge is running for Dudley North at the next General Election, a seat held by Labour’s Ian Austen with a majority of just 649 over the Conservatives. Polling suggests the seat could easily become a three way tie at the election, with Labour said to be “desperate” to hold onto the seat.

The leaflet says “UKIP want to scrap our free NHS.” It also includes a “Medical Bill” listing cancer treatment at £30,000 a course, giving birth at £19,000, a knee replacement for £11,500 and £2,900 for cataract surgery.

Bill Etheridge MEP said: “I didn’t think the Labour party could stoop any lower. I didn’t think I could have any more contempt for them but they have surpassed themselves.

“This pack of blatant lies is being delivered in Dudley via the Royal Mail. I am disgusted at the depths this vile gang of liars will stoop to save their seats and their worthless careers!”

It is not known how far the leaflet has been distributed across the country.