What Are The Top Google Searches In Syria?

Google searches in Syria

The top Google searches in Syria reveal the extent and direction of planning being carried out by those looking to leave the country.

The Google searches in Syria were given to journalists by the web search engine company. Some were exactly what you would expect in a country that is undergoing civil war, reports AJ+.

Search volumes in recent weeks show requests for the locations of local hospitals, as well as first aid advice for the home treatment of burns and mouth-to-mouth resuscitation methods.

The most popular searches, however, are all tied to those looking to find their way to Europe in general and Germany in particular – namely “immigration to Germany” and “asylum in Germany”.

As well as what to do having got into Germany, the question of how to reach that country’s border also looms large. “Greece map” and “sea separating Turkey and Greece” are followed by “maps of Europe in Arabic” and “map of Germany”.

Further data sought in relation to the best route to Germany by land and sea includes searches for the distance between the Turkish cities of “Edirne and Izmir”, between “Izmir and Istanbul” and between “Turkey and Greece”, the distance on foot between “Macedonia and Serbia” is also a popular Google search.

Finally, Google searches in Syria are also conducted to find out news about the situation in Europe. High search volumes are registered for “news of Hungary” and “Hungary Syrian refugees”.

AJ+ commented: “While the war in Syria continues to take a toll on those left behind the web seems to be providing some answers in a time of need and uncertainty.”

On the other hand some readers of the article online have voiced their scepticism in the comments section of the webpage.

A poster called infinitecanadia wrote: “This is true evidence that they are economic migrants.  If they were merely refugees, they would be satisfied with just going to Jordan or Lebanon.”

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