WATCH: Migrant Wants To Go To Norway Because It Has ‘Good Prisons’

good prisons

A Syrian migrant who gave an interview to the Norwegian outlet DN appears to have said he wants to go to the country because it has “good prisons”.

The clip, above, has drawn some debate online as to whether indeed he says “prison” or “person” – the migrant, who seems to have come from Syria, does not have an excellent grasp of the English language.

But Norwegian prisons are indeed revered by the liberal left, with Time magazine calling them the “most humane” in the world, and the Guardian referring to them as places where inmates “are treated like people”.

Indeed a Norwegian prisoner’s bedroom looks more like a decent university dorm room, or even a budget hotel – not bad for having broken the law.

Halden prison is a 75-acre facility which has no bars on its windows, kitchens that are “fully equipped with sharp objects”, and even a recording studio.

Online comments under the video are split in opinion as to whether or not the migrant says “prison” or “person”.

Tiergarden wrote: “Without having to defend anything, I think actually that he means “Prisons” but “person”. It is clear that he is not very good at English – he fumbles for words in general.

“I do not think that one should put too much emphasis on this, because its just a mix of English words.”

Another user added: “He is right. Norway’s prisons resemble not just a punishment. Anders Breivik sits and enjoys life where he is.”

But CrankyWhiteWoman said: “It would appear this man has plans to engage in criminal acts. What other reason would he have for basing his migration on prison quality? He needs to be sent back to the Islamic hellhole he slithered from.”

You could say the jury is still out on this one.