Aid Charities Demand State Water Supply, Rubbish Collection, And Recycling Facilities For Calais Migrants

Aid to Calais
Calais Migrant Solidarity/Facebook

Political-medical charity Doctors of the World (Médecins du Monde, MdM) has successfully used human rights legislation to force the French government to take action over conditions at the Calais refugee camp.

The changes that will be wrought by the ruling at Lille court will make significant steps towards the camp becoming a permanent site.

The court ruled the French government had to apply the principles of human rights everywhere — including in the Jungle camp — meaning the state would have to start to provide services to the migrants trying to smuggle themselves into the United Kingdom that they do to French citizens at more conventional addresses.

The French government would be compelled to install plumbing and sewerage, and to initiate a regular rubbish and recycling collection. But MdM wonder whether the government won’t just ignore the ruling, reports Deutsche Welle. They accuse the authorities of wilfully neglecting the Jungle camps, where up to 6,000 illegals live.

As well as the sanitary improvements, the government must also act to take children out of the camp and remove them to safe places, as designated by the state. If the changes are not made by next week, the court will levy a £110 fine a day, reports The Guardian. With such a small amount being levied on the failure to meet the court demands, it seems possible Calais will choose to ignore the ruling.

Despite the image of the anarchistic, “diabolical” Jungle camp, the concentration of charity and interest by campaign groups has given inhabitants of the camps limitless distraction and a rich choice of food and clothing for their enjoyment. As Breitbart London reported in September, the migrant camp now has it’s own nightclub where a pint of beer is just 75 pence. British no-borders, pro-migration activists erected a separate ‘dome’ nightclub hosting raves, and migrants can even take cocktail mixology classes from a renowned expert in the field.

Calais is less pleasant, however, for the professionals who use the port to transport goods to and from the United Kingdom. Breitbart London reported this week that British lorry drivers were risking fines or even imprisonment by arming themselves to go through the port, as lorries so frequently come under attack from migrants trying to smuggle themselves aboard one driver said it was just a matter of time that “either a migrant will kill a truck driver or it’ll happen the other way round”.

Truckers are now going about with ‘Taser’ stun-guns and CS gas – both of which are illegal in the United Kingdom, as migrants use knives and hammers to force their way into vehicles.

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