11 Youths Injured In Brawl At Migrant Centre

Migrant Crime
Philipp Guelland/Getty Images

Eleven youths were injured in a brawl at a migrant centre for unaccompanied minors on Monday evening.

Afghan and Iranian asylum seekers, all aged under 18, used iron rods, broom handles and clothes hangers to beat a group of Syrians with whom they had been arguing. They then proceeded to kick them in the chest as they lay on the ground.

News site BR.de says the victims suffered fractures, bruises and superficial cuts, with four requiring hospital treatment.

Police say the fight started following complaints the Syrians were being too noisy in their dormitories. It escalated to a point where a dozen police cars were needed to calm the situation, with six Afghans and two Iranians being briefly detained.

The disturbance happened at an asylum centre in Nuremburg, which currently houses around 50 minors who have travelled to Germany without their parents.

Interethnic and religious violence is becoming a problem at Germany’s asylum centres as the number of migrants keeps increasing.

Breitbart London reported on Monday on a brawl between Christians and Muslims at a centre in Bad Fallingbostel. Both sides were reportedly “heavily intoxicated” when the fight took place, with 12 police officers required to calm the situation.

Police also had to deal with another dispute involving 30 migrants at a centre near the town of Siegen. While the cause of that brawl remains unknown, it is believed to have started as food was distributed.

The migrant situation is now leading to growing protests in Germany, including a rally in Berlin this weekend organised by the anti-mass migration Alternativ für Deutschland party which saw 5,000 people call for tighter border controls and the resignation of Chancellor Angela Merkel.

Beatrix von Storch, an MEP for the party, accused Mrs Merkel of causing “asylum chaos” in Germany and joined protesters in holding up a red card, symbolising their desire to dismiss the Chancellor.

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