France Will Push To End Borderless Schengen Zone As Le Pen Calls For Halt To Mass Immigration


As it becomes clear that heavily armed terrorists crossed freely between France and Belgium before the Paris attacks, it has emerged that France will call for an effective suspension of the Schengen open borders zone. At the same time the Front National party has demanded an immediate end to open door immigration.

Europe’s free movement zone is already under significant pressure due to the ongoing migrant crisis. Now, terror stricken France will request emergency internal border controls at a summit on Friday, asking other European nations to implement border identity checks inside Schengen.

“The French are going to push hard for everyone else to institute border controls, particularly Belgium, but across the wider euro area. To all intents and purposes it will be a temporary suspension of Schengen,” a diplomatic source told the Daily Telegraph.

The leader of France’s Front National, Marine Le Pen, called today for an “immediate cessation of all migrant holding in France and the immediate cessation of their dispersion in the communes of France”, noting that one of the Paris attackers had registered as a ‘refugee’ in Greece.

It emerged on Saturday that two of the terrorist potentially entered Europe as ‘refugees’ in Greece, before traveling hundreds of miles, unimpeded, up into France.

“…One of the suicide bombers to the Stade de France arrived in Greece on October 3rd, among the mass of migrants who flock each day into Europe. He then took the road to France,” she said in a statement

Continuing: “Our fears and our warnings about the possible presence jihadist among migrants that join our country are therefore unfortunately embodied in these bloody attacks”.

Adding: “The safety of France makes this a compelling caution.

“The safety of the French also makes it irresponsible for consent to have been given by the government and opposition UMP party to the flood of migration, particularly given their agreement to the migrant quotas of the European Parliament.”

Also yesterday, the French interior minister Bernard Cazeneuve foretold the French demands when he remarked that “systematic and coordinated checks on borders inside the European Union” would now be essential in the fight against terrorism.

Adding: “Because terrorists cross Europe’s external borders and internal borders, we want the proposals that are made and the measures taken by France as those put in place by other European countries … to be enacted quickly”.

Sources told the Telegraph that it was too early to say whether the new measures proposed by France would be temporary or indefinite. However, they expected it to last for a considerable period of time.

Hungarian Prime Minister Viktor Orban also links migration and terrorism. He said:

“In a deliberate and organised way, terrorists have exploited mass migration by mingling in the mass of people leaving their homes in the hope of a better life,” Mr. Orban told lawmakers Monday in a speech titled “Attack on Europe,” AFP reported.