PICTURES: 211 Arrests After German Anti-Islamists Smash Up Kebab Shops In ‘Left Leaning’ Neighbourhood


A group of football hooligans attacked businesses in Leipzig, east Germany on Monday night, attacking businesses in a known left-wing area of the city.

The attacks by football hooligans who appear to be increasingly attaching themselves to the otherwise peaceful PEGIDA movement have made headlines across Europe. The hooligan rampage took place at the same time as the Leipzig branch of the Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of Europe (PEGIDA) celebrated their first anniversary peacefully in another part of the city.

Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

Two craftsmen repair the shattered windows of a clothing store in the left-wing Connewitz district / Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

“Hundreds” of anti mass-migration individuals affiliated with the ‘HOGESA’ football hooligan movement ran amok in the Connewitz district of Leipzig, smashing Kebab shops, setting cars on fire, and scrapping with police. There were 211 arrests and police reported 57 offences had been committed, reports

Other businesses were also damaged and the fire brigade had to be called after an errant firework set a building alight. British newspaper the Daily Mail reports a bus carrying left-wing counter-protesters was set alight, yet German language media reports the bus actually belonged to anti-migrant campaigners and was attacked by leftists.

LEIPZIG, GERMANY - JANUARY 11: Supporters of the right-wing populist group Pegida march on the first anniversary of its Leipzig affiliate, called Legida, on January 11, 2016 in Leipzig, Germany. Pegida and other right-wing activists have been quick to latch on to the New Year's Eve sex attacks in Cologne. Over 100 women have filed charges of sexual molestation, robbery and in two cases, rape, stemming from aggressive groping and other behavior by gangs of drunken men described as Arab or North African at Hauptbahnhof on New Year's Eve. Police have recently stated that at least some of the men identified so far are refugees, which is feeding the propaganda of right-wing groups opposed to Germany's open-door refugee policy. Germany took in approximately 1.1 million migrants and refugees in 2015. (Photo by Jens Schlueter/Getty Images)

The sign which has created so much controversy in Germany since the new year’s rape attacks: Rapefugees Not Welcome / Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

Concurrently to the riot the peaceful PEGIDA rally got under-way, as thousands of Germans listened to speeches and carried banners protesting the Islamisation of the western world and mass migration.

Leipzig 5

Banners praising Viktor Orban, the Hungarian prime minister and criticising German chancellor Merkel with a photomontage that symbolises a migrant arm reaching for her genitals / Jens Schlueter/Getty Images

Breitbart London reported live from Leipzig at one of the first PEGIDA marches in the city in January last year, a march that saw violence from leftist counter-demonstrators but a peaceful and well attended march for PEGIDA. While the movement hit a number of setbacks over 2015 with the German state and mass media hounding founder Lutz Bachmann, PEGIDA continues to gain traction over Europe with new chapters being established in England, France, Spain, and the Czech Republic.


Police vans turn Leipzig blue during the PEGIDA march / TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images


Police officers in riot gear watch protestors from the PEGIDA movemen rally in Leipzig / TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images

Lutz Bachmann,leader of the PEGIDA movement (Patriotic Europeans Against the Islamisation of the Occident)speaks to protestors during a rally in Leipzig on January 11, 2016. Supporters of the xenophobic far-right movement PEGIDA gathered to mark the first year of the local chapter LEGIDA, as public anger runs high over the Cologne assaults. / AFP / TOBIAS SCHWARZ (Photo credit should read TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images)

Lutz Bachmann,leader of the PEGIDA movement speaks to protestors / TOBIAS SCHWARZ/AFP/Getty Images

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