PM May Plans To Overturn Ban On Opening New Grammar Schools Imposed By Blair

British Prime Minister Theresa May

Britain’s Telegraph reports today:

Theresa May is planning to launch a new generation of grammar schools by scrapping the ban on them imposed almost 20 years ago, The Telegraph has learnt.

In a move that will be cheered by Tory grassroots, the Prime Minister intends to pave the way for a new wave of selective schools.

Mrs May is understood to see the reintroduction of grammar schools – banned by Tony Blair in 1998 – as a key part of her social cohesion agenda.

The historic shift in education policy is expected to be announced by the end of the year, possibly as early as the Conservatives’ annual party conference in October.

It marks a major departure from David Cameron’s education policy, with the former prime minister repeatedly refusing to give in to pressure from backbenchers on the issue.

A government source said allowing new grammar schools was about “social mobility and making sure that people have the opportunity to capitalise on all of their talents”.

“If you’re a really bright kid you should have the opportunity to excel as far as your talents take you,” it added.

Tory MPs who have campaigned for the change for years were jubilant last night, saying allowing more academic selection would be “fantastic” and a “victory for common sense”.

Voters also want to see new grammar schools, with more than twice as many supporting an end to the ban than keeping it according to an exclusive ORB poll for this newspaper.

Around seven in 10 Britons want to see the ban lifted and eight in 10 believe grammar schools can boost social mobility when undecided voters are removed, research found.

Justine Greening, the new Education Secretary, and her team are understood to now be examining the change, however specific details are yet to be decided.

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