Film-maker ‘Punched, Kicked, Choked’ in Migrant No-Go Zone

Ami Horowitz/Screenshot

A Jewish American documentary maker has been punched, kicked, and choked by five migrants after entering a “no-go” zone in Stockholm, Sweden.

Documentary producer Ami Horowitz entered the Husby area of Stockholm to film a documentary about the effects of high immigration in Sweden, and in particular to determine whether reports that “no-go” zones had sprung up in the city could be verified.

But moments after entering Husby, a district with a high migrant population, Horowitz and his crew were set upon by a gang of men who told them they couldn’t film in the area.

While his crew immediately fled, Horowitz, who was wearing a microphone, stayed behind to quiz the men on why they objected to being filmed.

He can be heard on footage asking “How come it’s a problem to film here?” A man answers, “I don’t want to be filmed.”

The men can then be heard talking in Arabic before grabbing at Horowitz as one says “let me see”.

Horowitz protests “I’m not filming anything” before the men start to grapple with him. They dragged him into a nearby building and set about him before being scared off by a door opening nearby.

“Nothing prompted the assault other than our presence,” he said.

“My crew ran off when they approached, but since I was miked we have the first few seconds of the attack.

“They repeatedly punched, kicked, and choked me, as a number of bystanders watched. Eventually, they dragged me into a building, which at the time I assumed was to finish me off.

“Once inside the apartment building vestibule, they resumed their vicious attack. But seconds later someone opened an apartment door directly above us, and it luckily spooked them enough to run away.”

Horowitz told Fox News that there were thirty or forty such no-go zones in Sweden, where the police refused to set foot. They were also unwilling to take a report on his attack, telling Horowitz that the men would never be found.

Sweden has taken in more migrants from Islamic countries per capita than any other nation, a fact which Horowitz said happens “to be a great source of pride among Swedes, for doing something that one could only characterise as a selfless act of humanity.”

He added: “I am a product of immigration and not only do I not have an issue with immigration I am one of its biggest proponents.

“But the reality of the situation, particularly across Europe, is that wholesale acceptance of migrants from Islamic countries is connected with deepening social issues across the continent.”

The attack comes just months after the crew of the Australian news programme 60 Minutes was attacked by “a group of young African masked men” while attempting to film in the Stockholm district of Rinkeby.

In that incident, a cameraman was attacked by the driver of a car, who ran over his foot after an altercation before driving away. Police arrived and took statements but once they had left a second group attacked the crew, with one landing a punch on a photographer.

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