Saudi Council Recommends Allowing Women To Obtain Passports Without Male Guardians

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Jaffa, Israel – The Security Affairs Committee of the Shoura Council, an arm of the Saudi Arabian parliament, has drafted a paper recommending that Saudi women be granted passports without permission from their male guardians, the Saudi news site Ozak reported. 

The committee proposes extending the right to a passport to all woman holding Saudi identity cards. The recommendation will be voted on by parliament prior to its approval.

Saudi media predict that the law will pass after a series of fiery debates and opposition from conservative factions within the kingdom.

Under current law, Saudi women must have the approval of a “man in charge” for actions such as driving a car or divorce. Usually, the man is her father, husband, or brother.

Earlier this month, female divorcees and widows were granted ID cards that give them the authority to act independently of male guardians.