WATCH: Saudi Social Media Abuzz Over Video of Woman Driver


JAFFA, Israel – A young Saudi woman driver came under fire this week after a video of her driving a car in the city of Tabuk has gone viral on social media in the kingdom.

Commenters demanded that the woman, who was filmed chatting with a friend while driving next to the local university, be prosecuted for violation of state laws. Others criticized her parents for not “watching” their daughter. See the video below:

“Dear God, it must be a Houthi,” one commenter wrote in disbelief, meaning that she can’t possibly be Saudi and must belong to the pro-Iranian militia fighting against Riyadh’s allies in Yemen.

“She must be Australian or Swedish,” others commented.

Even people who were against the ban on women drivers said that the woman broke the law and should be punished.

The fact that the women were apparently filmed by a man also raised discomfort. “It must be their boyfriend,” one wrote.

Another said that a male voice could be heard in the video. “There’s definitely a man there with them,” he wrote. “He must have screwed them, the bastard.”