Tel Aviv Terrorist Planned More Attacks, Says Accomplice

Tel Aviv terrorist
IDF Photo

Ynetnews reports: Nashat Melhem (pictured), the terrorist who killed three people in Tel Aviv on January 1, told one of the three people suspected of aiding him that he had planned a second attack, it was revealed Wednesday.

“I’ve murdered two Jews and the taxi driver because he threatened to inform the police”, Melhem told one of the suspects, all three of whom will be served indictments on Wednesday.

After the shooting at a bar in Tel Aviv and the murder of taxi driver Amin Shaban, Melhem went to the his hometown of Arara. At first he hid in a warehouse belonging to one of the suspects.

On the second day he moved to another house, where he was eventually captured by security forces and killed. Melhem threatened the warehouse’s owner saying that if he told someone they met, he would hurt his wife and all his family.




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