Saudi Ministry Bans Male Employees From Women’s Shops

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JAFFA, Israel- Men will be banned from working in women’s shops, the Saudi Ministry of Labor has announced.

It is imperative that “the staff in shops whose main clientele are women – like lingerie, cosmetics, and baby shops – will be feminine,” the ministry said in a statement, adding that offenders will incur heavy penalties.

“Employers must turn workplaces into a women-friendly environment, including adjusting recreational spaces and toilets,” the ministry said, thereby “encouraging employment and productivity among women.”

Both overt and covert enforcement will be put in place, the ministry said, and a hotline has been launched where citizens can file complaints against shops who don’t abide by the new regulation.

Meanwhile, the Dubai Police announced the formation of a women-only unit, which will deploy in markets and shopping centers.

“The unit reflects the high quality and standards of the police,” Police Commissioner Colonel Abdullah Elgheithi said. “It’s just the first step towards deploying the force nationwide.”

The unit’s preliminary mission will be to apprehend female shoplifters, Colonel Elgheithi said.

“Body search and arrest of female offenders will no longer be beyond the pale,” he stressed. “With the female squad, it will no longer raise ethical issues.”