Head Of Israeli Democrats Defends Sanders: Foreign Policy Is Not His Forte

bernie sanders
Theo Stroomer/Getty

The Times of Israel reports: Foreign policy is not Bernie Sanders’ strong suit, the head of the Democratic party’s Israel branch said Wednesday, defending the presidential candidate for his controversial positions on the Middle East conflict, including his suggestion that the IDF had killed more than 10,000 innocent Palestinians during the last Gaza war.

While admitting that the Vermont senator needs “a rapid learning course” in international affairs, Hillel Schenker argued that the presidential hopeful is fully committed to Israel’s security and that his positions are in line with those of many Israeli security experts.

“It’s quite clear that Bernie Sanders has a weakness — by the way, a weakness shared by Donald Trump on the Republican side — that his forte is domestic and not international affairs,” Schenker told The Times of Israel. “In that area, it’s clear that Hillary Clinton has much more experience,” he said, referring to the former secretary of state who is Sanders’s rival for the Democratic nomination.

“Bernie Sanders has run his entire campaign primarily on internal American socio-economic issues. And that is also what all of his supporters are interested in. They’re not really interested in foreign policy and in Israel, et cetera.”

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