LISTEN – Breitbart’s Aaron Klein Warns: Islamic State Needs Show of Strength, May Activate Cells in U.S., Europe, Russia

A Pakistani pro-Taliban militant carries rocket propelled granade launcher (RPG) as he stands inside the shrine in Lakaro village in the lawless Mohmand tribal district bordering Afghanistan, some 60 kilometers (37 miles) northwest of Peshawar, 30 July 2007.

TEL AVIV – Significant Russian and Syrian gains against the Islamic State in Syria may have global implications as IS finds itself on the run and in need of a public show of strength, warned Breitbart Jerusalem bureau chief and senior investigative reporter Aaron Klein during a radio interview.

Klein contended that IS may activate cells in the U.S., Europe, or even Russia in response to their increasingly desperate situation in Syria.

Klein was speaking during his weekly segment on John Batchelor’s popular national radio show.

Click below to listen to Klein’s full segment on Batchelor’s program.

The Russians are full speed ahead with the Syrians in their conflict to get rid of the Islamic State. Meaning, the Islamic State is really in retreat now in Syria. They are gone from Palmyra. They have to understand that next [the Russians and Syrians] are going to Mosul, right now they are south of Aleppo. … So there are implications for where does ISIS go next? What do they do?

Klein asked, “With ISIS on the run, the question is, will they now in their desperation use antiaircraft missiles against passenger jets?” referring to reports that a Syrian jet was shot down on Wednesday by rebels utilizing an antiaircraft missile and other recent reports that such missiles have fallen into the hands of jihadist elements.

Continued Klein:

Or also with ISIS on the run, in their headquarters, they do have the other tactic, which is the cells in Europe, or ultimately in the United States. Because of ISIS’s desperation now, will they, and I think that they probably will strategically, will they give commands to their cells in Europe, or maybe in Russia, or maybe in the U.S., to carry out terrorist attacks?


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