Family Of Missing Israeli Calls On Goverment To Bring Back Their Son’s Remains

Members of the al-Qassam Brigades, Hamas' armed wing, stage a performance in which they stand guard outside a mural depicting a prison cell imitating where Israeli soldier Oron Shaul would have been held, during a presentation on September 2, 2015 at a main square in the centre of Gaza City.

Ynetnews reports: Herzl Shaul, the father of Oron Shaul, and suffering from cancer, called on the Israeli government to expedite the return of his son’s remains in order to bury them in Israel.

First sergeant Oron Shaul was killed in an armored personnel carrier incident in Shujaiya on July 20, 2014 in which six other Golani soldiers were killed. Hamas announced that it had captured Oron, but the IDF determined that Oron had passed away. The Shaul family eventually accepted the IDF’s narrative and sat shiva (Jewish week-long mourning period) for their son.

Approximately six months ago, Herzl said that he was suffering from chest pains and underwent a number of medical examinations, which revealed that he has cancer. His wife also previously had cancer, but now is under medical surveillance.

According to Herzl, the stress and concern for the fate of his son, who has not been able to bury until this day, has contributed to the deterioration of his health. “I wake up every morning and I feel that they are not doing enough to bring back Oron’s body,” he said.

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