Temple Institute Claims It Held Secret Jewish Wedding On Temple Mount

The Dome of the Rock is reflecting on the main gate of the Al-Aqsa mosque inside the Al-Aqsa mosques compound, sacred for Muslims and Jews, in Jerusalem's Old City, on November 3, 2015.

Ynetnews reports:  The Temple Institute, an organization whose self-declared goal is to “establish the Third Temple,” claimed on Tuesday evening that it held a secret Jewish wedding on the Temple Mount in what could reignite hostilities at the sensitive holy site and elsewhere.

A post on the Temple Institute’s Facebook page claims that Rabbi Chaim Richman, who manages the institute’s international activity, accepted a request by a couple who asked him to marry them at the holy site after examining the halacha and consulting with other adjudicators.

The institute said the wedding ceremony on the Temple Mount is a great achievement “in light of the Waqf and the police’s anti-Jewish discrimination, which rejects any Jewish expression at the holy site.”

According to the institute, the couple met with the rabbi several days ago in Jerusalem’s Old City, where the blessing over the wine was made.

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