Abbas’ Fatah Movement: Plant A Knife In The Heart Of Your Enemy

A Palestinian youth shown in a file photo dated 21 February 1988 with a Palestinian flag wrapped around him and a knife in his hand, waiting for Israeli soldiers to arrive at a spot in the Old City of Nablus where a crowd of angry Palestinians started gathering following the …

JERUSALEM – Palestinian President Mahmoud Abbas’ Fatah movement promoted a Palestinian student group with a poster (see below) showing a knife dripping blood with the accompanying instruction to “plant the knife in the heart of your enemy.”

fatah poster

The knife is shaped according to the Palestinian Authority’s map of “Palestine,” which includes PA-ruled areas as well as all of Israel. The entire map is painted in the colors of the Palestinian flag, implying Palestinian sovereignty over Israel proper.

The image, which was first reported by Palestinian Media Watch (PMW), appeared on Fatah’s official Facebook page on Tuesday, ahead of the student movement Shabiba’s election campaign at Birzeit University.

Both Fatah and the PA consistently reject the idea of a state of Palestine existing alongside the Jewish state, and instead perpetuate the notion that one day “Palestine” will take over all of Israel.

The ongoing terror campaign which hopes to achieve that end by stabbing and running over Israelis – and most recently with a suicide bus bomb – has been praised over and over by Fatah.

Two days after the bus bombing in Jerusalem that injured 21 people, the Fatah movement posted a chilling video on its Facebook page calling on young Palestinians to become martyrs by carrying out attacks against Israelis.



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