WATCH: Israeli Music Video Satirizing Islamic State Goes Viral: ‘Hello Europe, We Come’

TEL AVIV – Israel’s most famous satirists released a video with a mock entry by the Islamic State into the Eurovision Song Contest.

The song, called “Boomzi Boom, Boomzi Bam,” is performed by a band called ABBU – ostensibly a nod to seventies band ABBA who were natives of Sweden where this year’s competition took place.

Lyrics include: “Hello Europe/ We’ve been waiting for a thousand years/ We are coming to you/ Berlin, London, Paris/ And Estonia, wherever it is” and a reference to the IS terror attack at the Jewish grocery store in Paris on January 9, 2015.

The song was produced by Eretz Nehederet (lit. a wonderful country), a weekly political satire program on Israel’s Channel 2, and has garnered a few hundred thousand views since its release.

Below are the full lyrics, transcribed by Algemeiner:

I love this feeling

To know I’m not dreaming.

Tonight we’re together, you know

It’s a must; it’s a must

It will be a blast.


Eurovision is cool

When you come from Mosul

Where is the airport?

It’s there.

Where are you flying?



Boomzi boom boomzi bam

Hello Europe, we come,

We’ve been waiting for a thousand years.

We are coming to you,

Berlin, London, Paris,

And Estonia, wherever it is.


Boomzi boom, boomzi bam

Say hello to Islam.

Come on, let the party begin.

Wave with our flag

Unless you’re a fag

Then we have a cage for you.

Step in!


There is love in the air

Like in the Hyper Cacher.

We will paint the rainbow in red

And we’ll rock you ‘til you lose your head.


Boomzi boom, boomzi bam

Hello, Europe, we come

And you’ll give us your 12 points please.

If we don’t get the “douze”

And to Malta we lose,

We give this stage to Azziz.

Boomzi boom!

It is uncertain whether IS’ entry would be accepted into Eurovision in a real scenario, since the competition rules state that songs are not allowed to have political affiliations. However, the winning song this year, from the Ukraine’s Jamala, was replete with political speech.

Meanwhile, Israel’s own contestant Hovi Star secured 14th place in Saturday’s competition, but another, unofficial representative of the Jewish state, French contestant and Israeli citizen Amir Haddad, made it to number six.


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