Virgil: Minutes of the Deep State Executive Committee on the Permanent Campaign Against Trump

Virgil, in his immortal way, has gained possession of a transcript of the most recent meeting of the Deep State Executive Committee. Although he has been unable to verify this document, or to identify the attendees, he believes it to be an accurate portrayal of ongoing Deep State activities against President Trump. Where appropriate, he has added explanatory hyperlinks.


Spanish Puppeteers Arrested for ‘Praising Terrorism’

On Friday, two puppeteers in Spain were jailed, without bail, for staging a satirical puppet show during the Carnival celebration. The show included both violence deemed inappropriate for children and a message described as “praising terrorism,” which is illegal in Spain.

AP Photo/Francisco Seco

Telegraph: Maybe A Caliphate Is Not Such A Bad Idea

Supposedly the most right wing broadsheet in Britain has this afternoon called for the establishment of an Islamic “caliphate”. Democracy and the separation of church and state are folly, the Telegraph tells us, and the only way stop Muslim murdering is to


South Park Shows Donald Trump Raped and Murdered

South Park’s “Where My Country Gone?” builds on last week’s assault on political correctness, by satirizing illegal immigration, Caitlyn Jenner’s driving skills, PC culture, and Donald Trump, who is depicted being raped and murdered by Mr. Garrison.

Comedy Central

Why We Must End ‘Burial Privilege’

As one of the leading lights of the social justice movement, I consider it a moral obligation to inform my disciples of innovative new ways to demonstrate their superiority in moral and political correctness over conservatives, and the proletariat in general.

AP Photo/Adrian Sainz, File

Forget About Ultra-Violent Video Game ‘Doom,’ We Must Ban ‘Mario Kart’

Fellow parents, you have at some time seen our precious children seduced and corrupted by video games. But one heinous market product, in particular, has been rated “E” for Everyone by the ESRB and was ranked one of the top video games for children in 2014. This devilry is none other than Mario Kart, a reckless driving simulator that conflates fun with danger and encourages pollution, violence with explosives, and unconditional drug abuse.


Netflix Drops $60M on Brad Pitt’s Afghanistan War Satire

Streaming content king Netflix has become known for making bold moves into the original content game. With critically-acclaimed series like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black, Oscar-nominated documentaries like The Square, and an upcoming four-picture deal with funnyman Adam Sandler, the company has barnstormed its way to over 62 million subscribers worldwide.

Jordan Strauss/Invision/AP

Our response to Charlie Hebdo Should Be Ridicule, Not Retaliation

Our response should be hope: hope that ridicule and not retaliation is our response. Because in the bleak twilight of French grief, when it seems that nothing could ever make good on the loss and violation that these animals have unleashed in one of the world’s great capital cities, what ought to ring out loud and true are not the echoes of gunfire—but guffaws at the proposition that subhumans with submachine guns will undo the achievements of our civilisation.

Valentina Calà/Flickr