Hamas Allows Iranian NGO’s to Deliver Food to Gaza’s Needy For Ramadan

Iran's supreme leader Ayatollah Ali Khamenei slammed the United States, Britain and Israel as the Islamic republic's "main enemies"

JAFFA, Israel – In marking the month of Ramadan, which began last week, Gaza’s Hamas leadership allowed Iranian-funded NGOs into the strip to deliver food to the needy.

Some of the NGOs are connected to the Iran-supported Al-Sabireen and Islamic Jihad terror groups based in the Gaza Strip. The distribution of food is carried out daily as part of a campaign called “The Aid of Imam Khomeini,” and represents a part of a wider campaign covering many Middle Eastern countries including Iraq, Syria and Lebanon led by “The World Association of Religious Scholars and Opposition Supporters.”

Hamas’ leadership permitted the NGOs to work in Gaza after months during which they were significantly limited in the territory and political assessments suggest that Hamas made the decision in order to improve relations with Iran, which in recent months renewed financial support for Hamas’ military wing, the Al Qassam Brigades.

Hamas officials expressed their displeasure with the campaign named after Khomeini with a large advertisement portraying Gaza as an Iranian satellite state. These same officials however, were unsuccessful in stopping the Iranian campaign in Gaza.

The campaign ignited intense discussion on social media where the prominent Muslim Brotherhood affiliated Saudi religious scholar Muhammad Alarefe wrote: “This is what happens when Sunni charities don’t do their jobs because then others do so.”


Another Saudi user, Abdulrahman Alhosini posted: “This is a message to all the Sunnis. This is what the Aid of Khomeini distributes everyday: 7,500 fast-breaking meals to the needy in the strip!!!?”

An account bearing the name “Jerusalem News” wrote: “The Shia Aid of Khomeini distributes food to the poor in Gaza as part of its attempts to push the Shi’ite agenda… Where is the Sunnis’ money!!”

Another user, Deryam, wrote that “Iran is using the situation in Gaza and activates the Aid of Khomeini which is considered the financial branch of the Revolutionary Guards.”

“When the Sunnis are too lazy to help their brothers in Gaza, Iran sends them aid steeped in Muslim blood,” wrote Rihane on Twitter.

Despite the large number of social media users criticizing the aid from Iran, others saw the event in a more positive light.

“The Aid of Imam Khomeini. Allah will have mercy on your soul. Gaza deserves it and it causes the Wahhabists to go crazy!!”

A Lebanese social media user named Hussein Aldirani, wrote: “Thanks to Iran for carrying the pure Islamic message of the Prophet Muhammad … The Aid of Imam Khomeini delivers fast-breaking meals to the Palestinian people.”