Rouhani: Israel Behind Mideast’s Woes to Distract from Their ‘Crimes’

Iranian President Hassan Rouhani

The Times of Israel reports: Iranian President Hassan Rouhani blamed Israel on Wednesday for conflicts between Muslim nations and groups throughout the Middle East, saying these were orchestrated by “Zionists” to distract from their crimes against Palestinians.

Speaking to his cabinet ahead of Al-Quds Day, the Iranian-led day of solidarity against Israel, Rouhani said “Zionists are trying to make others forget their crimes and make the Muslims, the regional people and the world forget the oppressed Palestine and the savagery of the Zionists,” according to Iran’s Fars news agency.

They were doing this, he said, through “behind-the-scenes attempts, terror, and creating conflicts among the regional and Muslim world countries and Muslim against Muslim and Muslim against Christian wars in recent years.”

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