UK Ambassador: Brexit May Make Israel Relationship More Important

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The Jerusalem Post reports: In the aftermath of Britons’ vote to leave the European Union, the UK is going to redouble efforts to strengthen its other international ties, including with Israel, according to Ambassador David Quarrey.

“I don’t anticipate, certainly in the short term, any significant changes between the UK and Israel, because I don’t think that the fundamentals of that relationship have changed,” Quarrey told a group of Israeli journalists on Thursday afternoon. “Those relationships with others around the world, including Israel, will be as important or more important in the future.”

A great deal of uncertainty surrounds how the British exit from the EU, or Brexit, will move forward. Following the vote, British Prime Minister David Cameron said he would step down and leave it to his successor to carry out the process, but that successor will not be chosen until late September or early October.

Quarrey believes, however, that the next prime minister will not try to overturn or ignore the results of the June 23 referendum, as many pundits (and, indeed, many Britons) have suggested.

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