Erdogan Target of Assassination Attempt During Failed Coup

AFP/File Adem Altan
AFP/File Adem Altan

The Times of Israel reports: Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan was the target of a possible assassination attempt during the failed military coup that unfolded over Friday night and Saturday, and in which over 290 people were killed.

According to the Middle East Eye citing al-Jazeera Arabic and the Turkish daily Hurriyet on Sunday, a senior military figure tipped off Erdogan that pro-coup forces were moving in on his position while he was away on vacation in the coastal resort town of Marmaris.

Turkish First Army Commander Umit Dundar, according to the reports, called Erdogan an hour before the push to oust him began late Friday night to warn him of the plans to overthrow his rule and of an attempt to “kill or capture” him.

“You are our legitimate president,” Dundar told Erdogan, according to Hurriyet. “I am at your side, there is a huge coup and the situation is out of control in Ankara. Come to Istanbul and I will secure your access to the roads and accommodations there.”

Pro-coup military troops had taken control of key areas in Istanbul including the Bosphorus Bridge.

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