EXCLUSIVE – Islamic State Fighter on Normandy Attack: Many More Christians Beheaded Muslims

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There were many more Christians in history who beheaded Muslims than vice-versa and the Islamic State has nothing against Christianity, a Palestinian jihadi clearly ignorant of his religion’s own bloody history told Breitbart Jerusalem in response to the beheading of a priest in a church in France on Tuesday.

“I’m not entirely clear on the circumstances that led our brothers to behead the priest, and whether he preached to hate Muslims, but there were many more Christians in history who beheaded Muslims than vice-versa,” Abu Bakr Almaqdessi, a former IS fighter in Iraq who has since returned to his native Gaza, said.

Early on Tuesday, two alleged jihadists raided a church in Normandy, in the north of France, and took several worshipers hostage.

According to reports in the French media, the attackers shouted “Daesh” – the Arab acronym for Islamic State – before beheading the priest. Several other people were injured before police shot and killed the assailants.

The recent spate of terror attacks in Germany and France “is not even the beginning,” Almaqdessi said.

If you think you can kill Muslims in their homes and countries and live a peaceful life in your country, think again. These days are gone. Allah is on our side. Whenever there’s terror against us, we’ll react forcefully. The infidel countries should brace for difficult times. The soldiers of the caliphate are everywhere, in every country participating directly in the war against the caliphate, to avenge the blood of the innocent Muslims who were killed by the Crusader infidels only because they wished to abide by their religion.

Regarding Tuesday’s murder, Almaqdessi stated, “I don’t know anything about the priest and the assailants, and whether they were in the service of the caliphate, but I do know there’s a lot of hypocrisy here.”

“If we go back to history, we’ll see that millions of Muslims were massacred by Christians throughout history, and thousands of Muslims were beheaded by colonialists in Libya, Morocco, Algeria, Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Africa, and other places – a much higher figure than that attributed to our brothers in the State organization.”

“Only a handful of Christians were beheaded by IS, yet innumerable Muslims have died in the colonial crusades that still go on today,” he continued.

Of course, Almaqdessi was glossing over bloody Muslim Crusades that predate the so-called European Crusades, including Muhammad’s own Tabuk Crusades against the Byzantine Christians.

Almaqdessi then transitioned to the standard IS propaganda line of blaming alleged Western actions for IS terrorism.

“Why is it OK that American and French jets carpet bomb hospitals and kill hundreds of people, with the blessing of the French church, and that the church said nothing about abusing Muslim prisoners at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq, but when one priest is killed, there’s such an outcry?”

Almaqdessi claimed that IS, which calls for the murder of infidels and forces Christians to live under Islamic rule, has no intention of hurting Christians for their faith.

“Christians in the caliphate have been invited to live a life of dignity,” he said. “We invited them to join Islam, and those who refused were transferred to another place, where they’ll feel more comfortable, at our expense. We never said we’d harm one church or another, but we did say that the rules have changed, and Sharia is now the law.”

“We never heard the French churches say anything against France’s involvement in Africa, Syria and Iraq,” he continued.

Only a few days ago a plane carrying French soldiers was shot down over Libya. To the best of my knowledge they weren’t on their way to a holiday resort but to attack Libyan Muslims on a number of pretenses. We didn’t want to go all the way back to the Algerian conflict and remind the French how many Algerians they massacred. We didn’t want to remind them of the rape of Muslim women in Morocco, Tunisia, Lebanon, and Syria. The French are in no position to preach to us considering their history and even more so the crimes they still commit these days, with the blessing and support of their church.

Writing at the American Thinker in 2005, James Arlandson provided a helpful timeline of deadly Muslim Crusades, including these:

633 The Muslim Crusaders, led by Khalid al-Walid, a superior but bloodthirsty military commander, whom Muhammad nicknamed the Sword of Allah for his ferocity in battle (Tabari, 8:158 / 1616—17), conquers the city of Ullays along the Euphrates River (in today’s Iraq). Khalid captures and beheads so many that a nearby canal, into which the blood flowed, was called Blood Canal (Tabari 11:24 / 2034—35).

634—644 The Caliphate of Umar ibn al-Khattab, who is regarded as particularly brutal.

635 Muslim Crusaders besiege and conquer Damascus.

636 Muslim Crusaders defeat Byzantines decisively at the Battle of Yarmuk.

637 Muslim Crusaders conquer Iraq at the Battle of al-Qadisiyyah (some date it in 635 or 636)

638 Muslim Crusaders conquer and annex Jerusalem, taking it from the Byzantines.

638—650 Muslim Crusaders conquer Iran, except along the Caspian Sea.

639—642 Muslim Crusaders conquer Egypt.

641 Muslim Crusaders control Syria and Palestine.

643—707 Muslim Crusaders conquer North Africa. …

673—678 Arabs besiege Constantinople, capital of the Byzantine Empire

680 Massacre of Hussein (Muhammad’s grandson), his family, and his supporters in Karbala, Iraq.

710—713 Muslim Crusaders conquer the lower Indus Valley.

711—713 Muslim Crusaders conquer Spain and impose the kingdom of Andalus.


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