Hezbollah Releases Boastful Documentary on Attack That Sparked 2006 War


The Times of Israel reports: The Lebanese terror group Hezbollah publicized new footage from its July 2006 attack that launched the Second Lebanon War.

Three IDF soldiers were killed and two — Ehud Goldwasser and Eldad Regev — were captured in the raid. Five more IDF soldiers were killed shortly thereafter in a failed Israeli rescue attempt.

The 34-day war, which saw thousands of Hezbollah rockets pummeling northern towns, claimed the lives of 165 Israelis, including 44 civilians. Over 1,100 Lebanese, including both Hezbollah fighters and civilians, were killed.

On Saturday, al-Mayadeen, a television channel affiliated with the Shiite organization, broadcast previously unreleased footage of Hezbollah fighters training for the attack.

The broadcast is part of a three-episode documentary series commemorating the war’s 10-year anniversary. It is seen in Israel as part of Hezbollah’s efforts to rehabilitate its image in Lebanon as the cause for the country’s suffering, both resulting from the 2006 war and due to its active participation in the Syrian civil war in support of Iranian and Assad regime forces.

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