Homebiogas: Israeli Company Converts Food Waste to Cooking Gas

Matt Cardy/Getty

(AFP) – Do your cooking thanks to gas made from your own food waste: that’s the eco-friendly solution proposed by Homebiogas, an Israeli company that has developed a “digester” that converts organic matter into biogas.

Though this biological process has already been known for several years, Homebiogas has produced one of the first home-scale systems, one that can be installed in just a few hours.

Each year, 1.3 billion tonnes of food go to waste around the world, representing a full third of the food intended for human consumption. In Europe and in the United States, consumers are the primary culprits. According to a European Commission study from 2010, individuals and families are responsible for 42 percent of food waste, ahead of agribusiness (39 percent).

But with the Homebiogas system, there’s no more throwing out your leftovers. From one kilogram of trash (leftover food or animal faeces), the digester produces 200 litres of gas, which allows you to cook for one hour at high heat, the company says.

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