Univision Cuts Trump Praise from Broadcast Interview of Martin Greenfield, Legendary Tailor to Presidents

Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump speaks at a campaign rally at the Henderson Pavilion on October 5, 2016 in Henderson, Nevada. / AFP / Robyn Beck (Photo credit should read

In its recent profile of Martin Greenfield, famed holocaust survivor and tailor to the presidents, Univision failed to mention the 88-year-old’s past praise of Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump, as well as Greenfield’s conservative position on various political issues.

Unlike Univision’s online version of the Greenfield feature, News Busters notes, the network’s television version ignored the political similarities between the legendary tailor and Trump.

Greenfield, for instance praised the GOP White House hopeful in his bestselling book Measure of a Man.

“Working with Mr. Trump has always been an honor,” Greenfield wrote in his 2014 memoir. “His larger-than-life style and brilliant business savvy have been a blessing to New York City, creating thousands of jobs. He’s a wonderful guy – and a terrific father who understands that life’s greatest investment is in one’s children.”

Univision also failed to highlight Greenfield’s views on job creation, the economy, and the welfare system, issues the Holocaust survivor discussed during an interview on the Conservative Book Club last year’s Young America’s Foundation event.

Greenfield said “there are too many restrictions to start businesses.” He told the room full of young conservative activists that “the country was created to create jobs, not to have the government give you money to live.”

Preaching the importance of legal immigration, Greenfield said America’s founders “put together something that was nothing in existence no place in the world, and now people want to change it. Don’t change it…that’s why we’re so free here. That’s why everybody wants to come here. They should come here legally.”

Interestingly enough, the hacked emails released by WikiLeaks reveals the support and the influence Univision chairman Haim Saban has had on Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign.

Saban, Breitbart News reports, “has counseled the Clinton campaign on its Latino strategy, and Univision’s negative coverage of Republican presidential candidate Trump seems to be helping her team carry it out.”

Since it’s November, 2014 release, Greenfield’s Measure of a Man: From Auschwitz Survivor to Presidents’ Tailor, quickly became a bestseller after gaining a massive groundswell of grassroots support.

More than six decades ago, when he was just 15-years-old, Greenfield was kidnapped from his home in Czechoslovakia and taken to the Nazi concentration camp at Auschwitz. It was there, in Auschwitz, orphaned and afraid, where young Martin received his first tailoring lesson:

Receiving your first tailoring lesson inside a Nazi concentration camp was hardly the ideal apprenticeship. I would have much preferred to hone my craft on Savile Row or in the mills of Milan. Looking back, though, that moment in the camps marked the beginning of the rest of my life. Strangely enough, two ripped nazi shirts helped this Jew build America’s most famous and successful custom-suit company.

God has a wonderful sense of humor.

Today, Greenfield owns and operates Martin Greenfield Clothiers, a Brooklyn-based boutique clothing factory that has tailored suits for presidents, from Eisenhower to Obama, and Hollywood stars for more than 50 years.

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