Exclusive – Palestinian Jihadi: Everyone Who Fights Islamic State Will Pay A Price

Syrian rebel fighters ride in the back of a pick-up truck flying an Islamist flag in the northern Syrian village of Rael after they captured it from the Islamic State (IS) group in the Marj Dabiq area north of the embattled city of Aleppo on October 9, 2016. / AFP …

The world has not seen the last of the Islamic State despite recent setbacks in Iraq and Syria, a former member told Breitbart Jerusalem.

Abu Baker Almaqdesi, who returned to his native Gaza after being wounded in action and has been on Hamas’ most-wanted list, said the organization’s members will take the know-how they’ve acquired wherever they go, including possibly to the West.

Asked whether he meant that more lone-wolf attacks are to be expected in the Middle East or Europe, he said that anything is possible.

“I don’t know whether the brothers will remain in Syria and Iraq and integrate into the local population or return to their countries of origin,” he said. “But in any event these brothers were trained and have subscribed to the idea of the war on Islam that is led by the infidels and the Crusaders all over the world. They understand that they are the elite group that the Quran talks about who will carry the banner of Islam and jihad and fight against the nonbelievers.”

According to Almaqdesi, the latest setbacks don’t mean defeat: “When all the countries in the world, and we’re talking about all of them, including so-called Muslim states, coalesce to attack the Islamic State, when all of them lash out at you and you realign your forces, it’s not defeat.”

Almaqdesi said that his contacts with IS in Syria and Iraq have withered recently because of Hamas surveillance.

However, the little that I hear from the brothers is that they’re still motivated and dedicated to bringing the caliphate to victory. The international conspiracy against it was taken into account, but the brothers in the leadership didn’t estimate that it would entail the entire world. However, it was clear that once the caliphate becomes a force to be reckoned with all the enemies of Allah would turn against it, and the brothers are realigning themselves, and we see that the brothers’ actions in Baghdad, in Sinai and in other places, including in the West, have received no mentions in the media as part of the attempt to block the Caliphate.

He said he believed the attempted attacks on Western countries, including the United States, will continue.

“Many brothers are preparing, waiting for the opportunity,” he said. “Everybody who has fought against the Muslims and the Caliphate will pay a price whether they are in the US or anywhere else in the world. One thing remained intact in this war, and that is the brothers’ willingness to deliver a blow to all those who hurt or fought against the State. The State and the Caliphate shall return, it’s the word of Allah. The Quran says: ‘People think victory is far away, but I Allah knows it’s near,’ and of course we believe what Allah sees and promises and don’t share the pessimism of the nonbelievers.”


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