Egypt Calls For ‘Ideological Offensive’ Against Islamic State


Egypt’s Monitor on Extreme Edicts, a department of the Religions Ministry, has called for an “ideological” onslaught against the Islamic State alongside military efforts against the radical Islamic militia.

In a statement, the monitor said that IS has suffered from deep divisions that have come to the fore with the controversial appointment of a new spokesperson and other top positions.

These divisions are welcome, the monitor said, but “the military campaign alone is not enough, because it may defeat the epidemic on the ground but not in people’s hearts. An ideological offensive is needed, especially now as splinter groups abound.”

Given IS’s sorry state following the many splits, it has started recruiting old men to fight in Syria, Iraq and Libya.

A few days ago, the monitor predicted that a popularity contest between IS and Al Qaeda will result in attacks on Europe that will originate in Libya.

Having monitored IS’s official and unofficial communications, the monitor said IS strives to carry out attacks on Europe, an assessment Europol also shares.

Speaking to Breitbart Jerusalem, Abu Baker Almuhajer, a Gaza-based IS activist, said that reports on divisions within the organization “are wishful thinking on the part of [Egyptian President Abdel Fatah] Sisi’s nonbelievers and have no grounding in reality. If indeed they had been divided, would the brothers have been able to fend off the armies of the international coalition in Mosul? If these reports were true, would the State expand to East Asia and Africa and continue to spread panic among the infidels and Crusaders worldwide?”

Regarding attacks on Europe, Almuhajer said: “All the countries that take part in the war on Islam are on the blacklist of the brothers in the leadership. About how it comes about, it’s up to the brothers to decide.”


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